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Foursevens Quark Series Review

Foursevens Quark Series

Quark Pro

The Foursevens Quark Series has the most options and accessories out of all the Foursevens flashlights. First you have the Quark Pro Series that comes in one AA(QPA), two AA(QP2A), one CR123A(QPL / QPLC), or two CR123A(QP2L). Depending on the model the max lumens output is between 130 (QPA) and 432 (QP2L-X). They have also added to the interface and now give you eight modes to pick from. Moonlight, Low, Medium, High, Maximum, Strobe, SOS, and Beacon.

The interface for the Quark Pro is a little different but might be my favorite. 

With the bezel fully tightened you can lightly press the button and cycle from max output to strobe. If you loosen the bezel you can cycle between moonlight, low, medium, high, SOS, and beacon.

Tightened Bezel
Loosened Bezel

Once the Quark Pro has been off for at least three seconds it will reset to the first level of output, either moonlight or max.

The Quark Pro Series include batteries, a lanyard, holster, hand grip or finger grip, split ring, and spare o-rings. All of the Quark Pro flashlights include a pocket clip with the exception of the QPLC (1xCR123A)

QP2L-X side output, 336 Lumens
(this one hurt my eyes)
QP2L-X at 5 yards

Quark Tactical

The Foursevens Quark Tactical Series brings all of the Quark Pro series features over and adds to it. Foursevens changed the tail cap and added a more accessible switch to protrudes slightly which makes it easier to operate if you have gloves on. They have also upgraded the button to allow for momentary operation. With the Quark Tactical Series you can give the rear button a slight push and and cycle though the modes or if you just need your light for a second you do not have to fully activate the button. The interface has once again been improved on and now not only do you get the 8 modes of the Quark Pro, but The Quark Tactical can memorize any two modes of output, from its eight total modes. These two modes are accessed by either tightening or loosening the head.

To set the two modes you would like to use. Turn on the flashlight and loosen the head by a half-turn. Then, tighten the head at least four times rapidly. After the fourth time leave the head tight or loose, depending on which position you want to program.  After 3 seconds the light will flash and is ready to program.  Cycle through the eight available modes by clicking the tail cap off and on. The modes are:


Once you find the mode you want leave it on that mode for ten seconds, and the flashlight will flash again, confirming the mode has been set. To cancel the mode before the light flashes turn the flashlight off for more than three seconds.
 If you want instant strobe or straight to the medium output without having to cycle the interface this is may be the light for you. The Quark Tactical flashlights come with batteries, lanyard, holster, hand grip or finger grip, split ring, and spare o-rings. All of the Quark Tactical Flashlights include a pocket clip with the exception of the  QTLC (1xCR123A)

Quark Turbo Series

The Foursevens Quark Turbo series offers all of the features of the Quark Tactical and features a larger and deeper reflector to improve the throw. Foursevens only makes three Quark Turbo models, The QB2A (2xAA), QB2L (2xCR123A), and QB2L-X (2xCR123A). The QB2L-X uses a Gen 2 CREE XM-L LED and a larger reflector than the QB2L. The upgrade LED put out a crazy 540 max lumens.

Foursevens offers all the heads, body's, and tailcaps for replacement parts. They have also made some nice accessories to go along with the Quark flashlights. If you are looking for a hands free light Foursevens offers a prism kit for the Quark Pro and Tactical Series. This slides over the head of the flashlight and angles your light 90 degrees. The prism kit also includes a head band, and you can also get a filter kit that includes red, green, and blue filters if needed. You can get a sweet custom made leather holster or my personal favorite a Deep Carry Clip.

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