Thursday, May 16, 2013

Range Monkey Rewards - Weapon of Choice Contest!

It's time for another Range Monkey Rewards Giveaway! Over here at Range Monkey we love seeing what you guys and girls carry daily, shoot at the range, hunt with, and even defend our country with. So here's how this one is gonna work:


1) You send us a picture or video (lawful and safe explosions are solid bonus points) of you responsibly using your firearm of choice. This could be anything from competitive shooting to trap/skeet to a trophy shot from a hunt to just a picture of your every day carry or even just a good shot of some safe queens on display. Anything appropriate and original works. (meaning you didn't Google "sweet AR at range" and send that in) 

2) We'll post it up on the Range Monkey Facebook once we make sure it's within guidelines. You share it with your friends and get them to like it. Whoever's photo gets the most likes, Wins! How much you share and spread your favorite Range Monkey Photo will help you win! It's that easy.


So the prize for winning? That's going to depend on what firearm wins. It will be 1 Bag , 1 sling or holster, and 1 mag pouch. Example: Say your Custom built Ar is awesome and everyone likes it and it wins, Your prize would be a Condor rifle bag, a Condor sling, and a Condor mag pouch. OR maybe a Completely custom Glock or M&P wins. They'll get a Condor pistol bag, a Condor holster, and a pistol mag pouch. Possibilities are endless.

This contest being a little bigger and more involved than the last we're gonna do this one at 7,500 likes on the Facebook page.

You get the idea now right? Send us your best photo, share with friends, get the likes, win.

Now how do you enter?

1) Send us your picture. Here are your options for that:
         - Send it in a Facebook message.

         - Send it via email to
         - Attach it in a comment below

2) Fill out the form below and You're done! Look for your picture on the page within a few hours and share away.

Fine Print: is not responsible for any damage to life or property. requests that every firearm owner to responsibly use firearms for sport only and will not be held responsible for any damages. advises all contestants to follow all local and federal laws and to only use firearms where lawfully allowed. All images submitted will be used by only for contest and not advertisement.All images will be reviewed before being posted. Minor modifications to photos will be made to protect the anonymity of the contestant. Contest begins 05/16/2013 and ends 06/15/2013. Winner must comply with all rules and regulations set by Winners of prizes will be notified by Facebook and Email if available for instructions to claim prize. One Winner per household. Some restrictions may apply. Inventory and demand can and may restrict availability. 

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