Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Foursevens Mini Flashlight Review

Foursevens Mini Flashlights

The Mini series come in four battery configurations, one AA(MA), two AA(M2A), CR2(MLR2), and CR123A(ML). With a range of 108 to 252 lumens. Equipped with the same seven interface modes as the Preon series you will get longer run times and more battery choices in a slightly bigger package. You twist the Mini series like the Preion P1 and P0 to turn the flashlight on and off, or cycle the modes. The Foursevens Mini series include batteries,  a lanyard, split ring, and spare o-ring in the package. Only the Foursevens Mini M2A (2xAA) flashlight comes with a pocket clip.

Unforchantly we had some local law enforcement guys come in and buy all the Foursevens Mini flashlights we had before I could get some good pictures of them . Yeah there that nice, but don't worry we have more on the way and I will update the review when they get here.  

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