Monday, May 6, 2013

Ghost Triggers, Trigger Kits and Springs In Stock!

New at Range Monkey we've got a batch of the products offered from Ghost Inc, makers of the ROCKET Trigger Control Connector, 3.5 Ultimate COMPLETE Trigger kit, GHOST RANGER TRIGGER KIT, EVO ELITE 3.5, Springs and more.
Each of the Ghost products available comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If you some how damage or over trim the TCT they will send you a new one. Maybe you don't like the way it shoots once installed, no problem. It's a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back!

Here's two featured triggers available from Ghost:

Ghost Rocket Trigger Kit

 The PATENTED GHOST ROCKET is the world's fastest Trigger Control Connector and the new STANDARD for trigger connectors for Glocks. The ROCKET shortens the total length of trigger pull and reset enabling you to shoot faster and more accurately.  Faster because the total distance the trigger has to move to fire your pistol is reduced up to 60%. Better because once the pistol fires the trigger movement is stopped. Stopping the trigger after the pistol fires is critical to bullet placement.

No Trigger Movement + No Pistol Movement = No Sight Movement on the Target.

This eliminates accuracy robbing over-travel. The bullet goes where you aimed it! Shorter & faster reset-because the ROCKET eliminates all over-travel of the trigger so that the trigger moves less in both directions.
The ROCKET has been designed to function flawlessly. The majority of people using the ROCKET use them in their carry guns this includes both Military Personnel fighting the War On Terror and Police Officers protecting our streets! The patented Trigger Control Tab technology and the Patent Pending Self Cleaning Debris Channels are one of a kind. Why is self cleaning so important? Because as you fire your pistol debris builds up on the trigger mechanism surfaces. These debris cause additional friction. This friction increases the weight of the trigger pull thus increasing the force applied to the connector. As the trigger pull weight increases the connector is pushed towards the rear of the trigger housing eventually far enough that the pistol will not fire! The channels also reduce the thickness of the connector body by 33%. This reduction increases reset speed and because these channels are located on the center line of the connector body they do not cause connector torsioning. Because the ROCKET is fit to your pistol by removing metal from the Trigger Control Tab (TCT)/stop tab and only stops the trigger movement after the pistol fires there is no way the ROCKET can come loose or prevent your pistol from firing in a defensive situation. The feedback we have seen from those who have installed this kit is all positive


1.) 1-Rocket
2.) 1- 6.0 lb Trigger Spring
3.) 1- 4.0 lb Firing Pin Spring (Target/Sport Configuration)
4.) 1- 6.0 lb Firing Pin Spring (Self-Defense Configuration)
5.) 1- Reduced power firing pin safety spring

Ghost Evo Elite 3.5 Trigger Connector

The GHOST EVO ELITE is the best self-defense trigger control connector Ghost has ever made! 
The EVO ELITE is Smoother, Lighter, Shorter and eliminates trigger Over-travel. These attributes give you the fastest most accurate first shot hit advantage of any self-defense Glock style trigger. The EVO ELITE fixes the Glock bump or glitch (the pre-travel resistance you feel and must overcome when the trigger bar bumps into the connector) This bump causes you to apply excessive force and will move the pistol off target.

Another thing the EVO ELITE corrects is trigger over-travel; the excessive movement of the trigger after the pistol fires. Over-travel causes the pistol to move off of alignment with the target, making your shot go low and to one side.  Simply put, the EVO ELITE KEEPS YOU ON TARGET.

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