Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Foursevens Preon Series Review

Fist up and the smallest we have the Foursevens Preon P0 or Preon 0
Perfect for a keyring this flood style flashlight also contains a magnet in the back for easy hands free use. The Preon P0 uses a single AAA battery and has a High and Low output setting. On the low setting you will get .24 lumens for 120 hrs, and on the high you will get 25 lumens for 1.5 hrs.

 Foursevens Preon P1 or Preon 1 The Preon P1 is also a single AAA battery flashlight but has increased lumens and more functions. Using the second generation Cree XP-G LED you can get an amazing 84 lumens on the high setting. You get 8 modes of use that include High, Med, Lo, Strobe, SOS, Becon Hi, and Becon Lo. The Preon P1 is avalible in black, blue, red, and yellow anodized aluminum, or if you want the ultimate P1 you can get it in Titanium for a few extra bucks.

Foursevens Preon P2 or Preon 2
The Preon P2 is the same setup as the Preon P1 only it uses two AAA batteries and cranks the output up to 192 lumens. They have also added a push button tail cap so you do not have to twist the front to turn it on or off. Both Preons have a pocket clip and include batteries,split ring adapter, split ring, and spare orings. Both Preons also use the same heads and tail caps. This allows you to fully customize your EDC flashlight. For example if you want a yellow P2 with a black head and black flat tail cap(my personal setup), or you can buy a p2 and a p1 body and switch between one or two AAA use.

 This is at 5 yards Preon 2 on the Left and Preon 1 on the Right

 This is at 1 yard Preon 2 on the Left and Preon 1 on the Right

This is a shot sitting on the table. Preon 2 on the top and Preon 1 on the bottom. One thing I noticed a was surprised to see is that the Preon 1 had a warmer color to the light, but both lights have the Cree XP-G Gem 2 Led. 

Foursevens gives you ALOT of light for the money and after owning one for over a year now I am vary pleased. My Preon 2 is always in my pocket. 

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